Advantage and Disadvantages of Direct Auto Insurance

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Advantage and Disadvantages of Direct Auto Insurance

Being a car owner in many countries means, that you will be required to have some sort of car insurance. While researching the car insurance market, you will have to decide upon a variety of different factors such as the price of the insurance, its coverage, liability and etc. Many people prefer to go for insurance through a network of agents; however, others prefer to buy directauto insurance.


What Is the Direct Auto Insurance?


You might have heard people mention that term; however, you might be kind of confused when it comes to its meaning. It’s when you buy car insurance directly from the insurance company without using the support of an agent. You could do that by asking for a free quote over the phone or through a company’s website. You could purchase the insurance itself over the phone or through the website as well.


You will be providing vital personal information such as the card’s identification number, your identification card data. You could include more than a single vehicle in the policy and choose the coverage amount, upon which the premium will be decided.  Obviously, always get a free quote from a few different companies before purchasing the policy so you could make a comparison and make an informed choice.


Why buy a Direct Auto Insurance?


There is a variety of advantages to purchasing the insurance directly from the insurance company:


  • Cheaper cost

The middleman always receives a ton of money for its service. Buy going for the direct auto insurance you are cutting the agent out and essentially saving yourself money. The fee of an agent is generally based on the coverage you are opting in for. Why would you want to add up to the cost of the insurance?


  • Simple process

The whole procedure to purchasing directauto insuranceis quite easy, especially with companies which have well developed websites. You could stay in shorts on your couch while browsing through the combination of options and compare them to the competition. A good thing to be aware of, however is that a free quote is generally lower than the final price which you would receive for an insurance. There is always something to be added which brings higher value, so the free quote estimation is usually subjected to a change.


The disadvantages though are:


  • The Spam

Unfortunately, once you go for direct auto insurance the company will start sending you email, brochures and even call you with their new promotions and offers you could take advantage of. That could certainly be quite annoying.


  • Missing Potential Discounts

The middleman is there for a reason though, a network of agents usually try to drop the price down of a policy in many cases, just to keep their clients interest.  It is their job to be on top of the information and be aware of any possible discount in any sphere.


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