Finding a cheap motorcycle insurance quote


Motorcycle Insurance

Before taking a ride on your two wheels, make sure to insure your motorcycle with the motorcycle insurance coverage along with your insurance. Most of the states need you to pick at least the least limits of financial responsibility of your motorbike. The least needed motorcycle insurance is typically the same as needed for the car. Motorcycle insurance includes the following types of two wheelers: dirt bikes, scooters, mopeds, classic motorcycles, motocross bikes and other two wheelers such as trike bikes. This policy is specifically motorcycle policy designed in the form of an endorsement attached with an automobile insurance policy.

  • Motorcycle Bodily Injury Coverage

Motorcycle bodily injury coverage assists in paying the expenses for medical and other expenses related to bodily injury to another person while driving the bike. The liability coverage also helps in paying your legal defense when you are sued for the accident and injuries you did. Some of the states that need bodily injury liability coverage will need a minimum limit but higher limit coverage can also be purchased by you if it is in your budget.

  • Motorcycle Passenger Coverage

Motorcycle passenger coverage is a different coverage than bodily injury coverage. This coverage allows you to pay for medical and other expenses related to the passenger on the motorcycle with the coverage. The expenses include injury to the passenger or if he dies due to an accident caused by you.

  • Motorcycle Property Damage Coverage

Motorcycle property damage coverage is included in the liability that help you in paying for the expenses made on repairing or replacement of the damage caused by you to the other person’s property while driving the bike. This coverage also helps to protect you from legal defense if you are sued because of the accident damage cause by you. The minimum limit is to be kept as per state laws but you can choose to pay higher premiums as per your budget.

  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage helps you to protect from any accident in which you are involved while driving your bike cause by some uninsured driver.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

In comprehensive coverage, you are free from the expenses to be made for loss or damage of the motorcycle from natural reasons such as theft, fire flood, vandalism or any other disaster that may damage the motorcycle.

  • Collision Coverage

Collision coverage is responsible for the expenses for the loss or damage to the motorcycle if it is collided with some other object or vehicle.

  • Custom Parts and Equipment (CPE) Coverage

When you buy a comprehensive or collision coverage for your motorcycle, the coverage for CPE is usually the same in most of the states. Different states and different companies have different coverage limits. The CPE coverage is used to cover motorcycle equipment. The range of CPE lies between $15,000 and $30,000 as different companies have different limits.

CPE also includes special equipment, accessories, devices and changes you want to make in your bike that wasn’t installed by default through the manufacturer. CPE contains coverage on:

  • Electronic equipment already installed permanently in your bike.

  • Sidecars if you want to attach to your bike.

  • Trailers to be designed to pull behind the motorcycle can be attached.

  • Trike conversion kits

  • Custom paint can be done in CPE, Custom plating can be done in CPE and Custom exhaust can be done in CPE.

  • Saddlebags

  • Safety riding apparel included along with helmets. The safety apparel coverage limit is limited and usually not applicable on theft.


Motorcycle Replacement Coverage

Motorcycle replacement coverage is optional as it is offered by some of the insurance companies. In this coverage, you are allowed to replace your bike that got damaged in a covered accident is replaced by a new bike of the same model and quality.

In order to find the best motorcycle coverage, you should have deep research on the best insurance companies offering motorcycle insurance. Go and shop around to find the best insurance company for you that fulfil your coverage needs.

Finding a cheap motorcycle insurance quote

The new season start – time for finding a cheap motorcycle insurance! If you’re current motorcycle insurance deal is nearing renewal and you hadn’t started looking for a better and cheaper deal then now is a good time to take a look at what Deals motorcycle insurers are currently offering. In general most of us will leave finding another insurance deal to the very last moment when it becomes easier for us to just stick with and renew the policy we currently hold

With our current insurer. This is human nature as it is always easier to avoid unpleasant tasks and continue with the known.

Thankfully life has been made a fair bit easier with the introduction of a number of online specialist motorcycle insurance comparison sites. Where offers from most of the major motorcycle insurers can be seen and compared in one place. In general insurance companies are very eager to find new customers and so accordingly tend to offer very enticing deals for new policy takers. Further savings are often offered in the form of 10% to 15% discounts for motorcycle insurance deals bought online.

In general you will be looking for 3 things when shopping for a new insurance deal.

  1. Cost of policy


The cost of your prospective policy is of course of paramount importance but it is also worth looking at the small print for future no claims bonus reductions as savings can also be made in the long term.

  1. Reliability and reputation


You will of course want to know that should the need arise your insurer has a reputation for prompt assistance both verbally and financially.

  1. Extras

Many online insurance policy come with extras such as replacement vehicle cover and vehicle recoveries cover.

Buying insurance is never a pleasurable activity but it has at least been made a lot easier with online specialist sites. So why not take 15 minutes to find out what you could save on your existing deal. If your thinking of looking for a new deal then why not try a site like Cheap Motorcycle Insurance And for Cheap Scooter Insurance deals.


How to get f+cheap motorcycle insurance

Almost everyone has imagined themselves at the helm of a great-looking motorcycle. With the rising cost of fuel, more and more people are actually taking the plunge and buying a motorcycle. Just as with any vehicle on the road, insurance is a must. If you want to enjoy cheap motorcycle insurance rates consider the following:


  1. Park the motorcycle in your garage. If you have the room, this is a must. The insurance company will offer a better rate if they know the bike is in a locked garage or shed. The reason is simple: there is a reduced risk of it being stolen or vandalized.

  2. Add your motorcycle to your car insurance policy. If you already own a vehicle, ask your car insurance agent for a quote for motorcycle insurance. Many insurance companies offer a policy discount if you are insuring more than one vehicle.

  3. Find out the cost of insurance before buying the motorcycle. Some motorcycles cost more to insure than others. This is typically due to the enhancements on the bike. If you are more interested in riding it from point A to point B to save on gas, than you are about the appearance, choose a less expensive motorcycle without all the bells and whistles.

  4. Drive the motorcycle less. Some insurance companies offer a cut rate to their clients who drive less. Inquire about the low mileage discount your insurance company offers and see if you qualify for it.


As with any type of vehicle insurance, motorcycle insurance rates drop if the driver proves they are responsible. For this reason avoiding making claims and staying within posted speed limits both contribute to keeping costs down. Motorcycle drivers should always call a few agents for insurance quotes just to see who offers the best deal.


Cheap motorcycle insurance – look for those discounts


It’s approaching that time of year for most of us who live in North America when the snow is gone, the temperature is warming up and we start to yearn for the open road again. It also time to reassess our current insurance policy and maybe do some shopping around to see if we can’t find some cheap motorcycle insurance. You may still end up paying regular insurance rates but with a bit of homework and some online research you just might be able to secure some better rates.


The first thing you should do is contact your current insurance provider and find out all the discounts that are potentially available to a rider. You see, unless you ask, most insurance companies won’t tell you what discounts are available, but if you ask, they have to provide the information. If you insure more than one bike you might be able to get a discount, if you insure your car or house with the same company you might be able to get a discount, if you’re a member of a recognized motorcycle club or association you might get a discount, if you’re a senior you might get a discount, if you take a safe riding course you might get a discount. I hope you get the point! There are a lot of things you might be able to get a discount for but you have to ask.


Next, search the web to find insurance companies that specialize in motorcycle insurance or at least have a dedicated focus on motorcycle insurance and check with them for what discounts they might offer.

Cheap motorcycle insurance – keep safe, stay safe

Once you have a complete list of potential discounts check off which ones apply to you now and which ones you could qualify for if you made some simple changes. For example, taking a safe riding course is always a good idea no matter how experienced a rider you are. If you’ve never taken one, now might be a good time to do so and thereby qualify for another discount. Perhaps you are now ready to join a motorcycle club. Not only might it enhance your riding experience but it could save you money on your insurance. Take whatever actions are reasonable and get those additional discounts.

Once you know what discounts you can apply for, start comparison shopping on the web and specifically request quotes that include the discounts you qualify for. Check also to see if there are any incentives being offered to switch from your current insurer to a new insurer. As long as the quality of service is similar or better, why not switch for a better price.

Finding a cheap motorcycle insurance quote – Conclusion

Finally, no matter what your situation, there are two sure-fire ways to maintain lower insurance rates. First, keep a good driving record. Nothing blows up your insurance rates like a bad driving record. Add a couple of moving violations like speeding to your record and your rates can really jump. Second, is the amount of deductible you carry. The higher the deductible the less the risk to the insurance company and the lower your rates are.

Getting cheap motorcycle insurance isn’t complicated it just requires some attention on your part, a little research and keeping a good driving record. Put these all together and you’ll get some great rates



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