How to Get Affordable Car Insurance

How to Get Affordable Car Insurance

There are tough periods in everyone’s life when you could fall into financial troubles. Losing your job or other unpredicted obstacles often arise, however, what could we do during that period to protect ourselves? Getting an affordable insurance is a MUST for your car. It might not sound like spending more money would be the best option during that time, but statistics show otherwise. However how what should you do to find the best affordable insurance without getting ripped off? This instruction is meant to help you with the process:


  • Review Your Car

The car insurance is directly linked to previous collision damage throughout each year, the car’s age, model, horse powers and a ton of other factors. Overall, the newer and fancier car more expensive the insurance rate, in scenarios where you are actually unable to pay for the car insurance, you should think about selling the vehicle and replace it with an older one which would allow you to get an affordable insurance


  • Review Your Credit History

Some government areas allow insurance companies to look into the credit history of a person when they are making an analysis and evaluating the insurance credit score upon which the premium is based. Bad credit history might force you to pay a much higher premium or even make it impossible to afford. Always pay your bills on time to keep your credit score as low as possible.


  • Make A Market Research

There are tons of different insurance companies; you should conduct an elimination analysis down to four companies when searching for the best affordable insurance for yourself. You could start off by searching for a variety of different local companies, and ask them for a free quote, they will provide you with prices about the coverage and you could compare them.


After that you should start reviewing the reputations of each company that offered you an affordable insurance. There are websites which cover “complaint ratios”, which is the comparison between filed complaints and shared premium during the period of a single year. The median is around 1.0, if a company is significantly higher than that, you should most likely ignore it and go with another one. You don’t want to get an insurance company which offer cheap services but will go to court for every small issue which occurs.

  • Get an Agent

The previous steps should have allowed you to choose a specific company, or at least narrow it down to a few. Companies operate in two ways; they either sell directly to a customer or have an agent network. If the latter is the case, then find an agent and tell them about the service you want while presenting them with a comparison with a competitor. That will put them to the test and allow you to get a certain type of discount. No agent would want to lose a customer considering their salary is mainly commission based.


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