Insurance Companies

World’s Top 30 Insurance Companies

  • AXA

AXA is the leading insurance and asset management company that serves you in the best possible way. Their approach used for building a healthy relationship with their client made them the best in their business. Their main purpose is to integrate environmental, social and domination features in their business. The terms are being reviewed annually by every local body.

Personal Property Insurance: AXA pays attention towards insurance of private properties and liabilities of the insurer. A wide range of services and products are included in it especially designed taking into consideration the variation in the needs of the individuals. Your cars, homes and other personal properties are protected as they are in the right hands.

Savings and Asset Management Policies: The services offer more than you think. They not only provide insurance policies for savings and retirement plans but also include health services and services for personal protection. The company also take good care of investment and management assets of the clients such as institutional clients and clients of group insurance companies.

AXA is also one of the active members of several international as well as national organizations and focus mainly to enhance the Corporate Responsibility and move forward towards sustainable development. This leads to long-term relationship between clients and the company and also affects the activities of stakeholders whether they are customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders.

Approximately 165 thousand employees are committed to work in AXA for the protection of your property, liabilities and savings and you. AXA is spread all over the world in 64 countries that provide the same service and quality. It is dedicated to serve you all over the world. AXA proudly shares the connection with 107 million clients. These numbers are increased only with the quality in their services and their dedication to be the best insurance company in the world.


Allianz works as the top insurance company in almost every part of the world. It is more popularly known in Central and Eastern Europe as well s Asia Pacific. The company in different countries such as America and Africa has different importance. Allianz group of companies has made its position among the finest insurance companies and is the leading company in the German market.

This Berlin based company was established in 1890 in Munich. Allianz was first initiated as a transport and accident insurer. Its 20% of the income was from international operations during the outbreak of World War I. In 1893, when Allianz started showing good results in international markets, it London office was opened by Carl Schreiner who was the head of Munich Re’s international operations. The company manages to deal with the German clients who want to get insured for their transport losses.

Soon as the World War I initiated, the company started expanding its reign in the USA, Scandinavia, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, the Balkans and France.

The company first starts with the transport and accident insurer company. As the years pass by, Allianz the company started offering all types of insurances typically including property insurances. Allianz was also expanded to life insurance Company as Allianz Life in 1921 by Kurt Schmitt who was the Director General of Allianz. Within one to two years, Allianz Life also gained top position among the best life insurance companies.

Allianz also becomes the leading company for providing financial services like asset management and banking.

The company is now extended in 70 countries around the globe with 140,000 committed employees always ready to serve you the best quality services. Their dedicated attitude towards their work made about 86 million happy clients. These numbers are not enough, also in 2016, the company made total revenue of about 122.4 billion Euros.


MetLife was established with a purpose of providing financial assistance to the ones who are in need of finances to achieve their life goals. The MetLife Foundation is instigated to rebuild fund making process simpler than ever. The MetLife Foundation committed to provide financial services of $200 million so as to provide maintain its vision and mission. This made them assist low income individuals and their families for five years to get access to the financial products and services they can afford.

Since the foundation in 1976 till now, the company has offered grants more than $700 just to create a positive change in the lives of the people, the low income families and communities. Having experience of about hundreds of years made the MetLife companies the top innovator and renowned leader in the world of insurance companies engaged in retirement and savings plan as well as protection plans against property loss or any other liability damage. Our naturally increasing clients are crushing a lot in making our presence in the field of insurance companies. Joint ventures, acquisitions, organic people and partnerships make the presence stronger. MetLife is reinforcing globally to market the brand by elongating the services and products they have. This affects growth of the enterprise to a large extent.

MetLife group of companies provide life insurance, accident insurance, health insurance, saving products and retirement solutions through different sources such as agents, brokers, banks and different marketing ways. We focus on providing financial guarantees to the families, governments, and corporations. MetLife is recognized and trusted by about 100 million clients all over the world. We serve our savings products to almost 100 top companies of the United States. MetLife Insurance Company has the capability to provide global resources and financial assistance to the world with uncertainty in their incomes status.


Ping An Insurance Company located in China is the foremost incorporated financial service provider in China with a combination of the best insurance operations, trust and investment, asset management, commercial banking and corporate pension business. The company is capable enough to make a highly competent and expanded business profile. Ping An Insurance was founded in 1988 and has its headquarters in Shenzhen situated at Guangdong Province, China. Since June 2004, the company has been listing its H-Shares with the name of “Ping An” on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange having the stock code “2318”. Ping An launched the trading of A-Shares with the name “Ping An of China” and 601318 as its stock code on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in the year 2007.

Ping An is also embraced in The Financial Time Global list of top 500 companies with the ranking of No. 2 in the insurers all over the world. If we consider only Chinese companies or firms, Ping An ranks 8th with a market value of US$42.7 billion. Ping An lead the non-SOEs for three years continuously. It also ranked fifth in the top Chinese financial firms. Having great firm business foundation and terrific business operations executed by the company along with its incorporated financial strengths, it ranks 141 in the annual list of Global 2000 published in Forbes Magazine in April.

With its incredible operations and dedication Ping An also achieved recognition in the top 500 companies over the globe and got several awards for its excellent quality in corporate sector. Ping An is also honoured as the “Best Managed Company in China” given by Finance Asia which is the top regional business magazine. The company offers insurance, investment, banking, wealth management and other financial services to approximately 47 million individual customers and near about 2 million corporate patrons.


Prudential Financial is 140 years old insurance company initiated by John Fairfield Dryden, an insurance agent. The company’s first Prudential Friendly Society was formed in 1875 in a basement office located in downtown Newark, N.J. The company initiated life insurance for the first time for the working class employees in the U.S.  The insurances included in the company are Industrial Insurance that comprised of funeral and burial charges for the families with low income. The premium set for them was quite low that they can afford.

As the years extended, the company’s sales also started increasing and go beyond New Jersey. The clients started growing including middle class customers. As the sales increased, company’s assets start increasing by $1 million. The symbol of Prudential Financial Company shows the sign of strength and protection of the finances that they offer to their clients. The company is constructed on the basis of its proud heritage of providing excellent life insurance and asset management. A wide range of financial services and products comprising of life insurance, mutual funds, retirement services, annuities, investment management services and many more are offered to the individuals as well as institutions in the important places like the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

The company has played an important role in the lives of the individuals as well as corporate institutes in protecting and increasing their wealth. Prudential is a trust worthy brand and is said to be the world’s most accepted companies. Their promising deliverables and services made them the leading insurance and asset management companies of the world. The dedicated team of Prudential Finance works together to provide a high-quality business and maintains risk management. Their hard work and dedication results in a profitable business for long term and has a valuable capital deployment. The company also leads in corporate responsibility, transparency and accountability.


Japan Post Insurance Co. Ltd initially started as Kampo Co. Ltd in September, 2006 under the Postal Service Privatization Act. The trade name changed to Japan Post Insurance Co. Ltd in October 2007 with the origination of life insurance business. Since then Japan Post Insurance Co. Ltd. finally came into operations in October, 2007. The company then started Postal Life Insurance operations with the joining under commission of Management Organization for Postal Savings.

In December 2007, the company attained authorization for new operations regarding investment products. Soon in the mid 2008, the commissioned sales regarding life insurance products for the clients related to corporate sector was initiated. At the same time, the company introduced a hospitalization rider known as Sono hi kara. In the year 2009, the company started expanding its branches in different regions of Japan. Afterward the company advanced towards Japan Post Insurance System Solutions.

The company started selling cancer insurance products for AFLAC (American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus) in 2014. Many other insurance products were also initiated in the recent years. One of such products is endowment insurance for Shin Free Plan. The company also listed its common stock in Tokyo Stock Exchange. Whole new insurance products were started as commission based sales for corporate clients.

In 2016, the company got approval for latest operations in writing of reinsurance policies. In the same year, Japan Post Insurance deals with The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company Limited. Due to Privatization Act of Postal Services, the company created different companies for different businesses. Being a member of Japan Post Group, the company offers consistent insurance services to its clients whether they are individual clients or corporate clients. Japan Post Co. Ltd takes care of individual clients and the company’s sales offices handle corporate clients all over the nation.


Nippon Life was founded to make fast and creative financial services with high-quality as viewed from customer’s point of view. For this plan to come into operation, the company need to have association with companies related to non-life insurance, medical and nursing care, asset creation and many other companies related closely to life insurance. This results in the better reinforcement of the insurance business. The company is dedicated to work for the customers to win their trust by making their life insurance policies easy even with complex requirements.

Not only has life insurance, Nippon Life also served as a connector for their non-life insurance. In order to make their customer’s level convenient, the company offers combination of life insurance and non-life insurance services and for this they fulfil the requirements to have a successful business deal with Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co. Ltd. The company Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance was founded in October 2010 as a result of the merger of Aioi Insurance Co. Ltd. and Nissay Dowa General Insurance Co. Ltd.

The Nissay Group offers you life insurance related services that also includes services like asset management.  Nissay Asset Management offers high-quality asset management services through flexible management system, recommended services and other financial investment products for individual clients as well as corporate clients. We endeavour to fulfil the needs of clients in corporate sector with the help of corporate pensions and other services including variety of asset management products that highly effect the insurance asset management like guarded unbiased finances.

Nissay Asset Management was entitled as the first asset management company associated with Japanese life insurer to deal with the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment in July 2006. In asset management, the company continues the hard work to provide right reflection to issues related to corporate ESG in their side of investments and other services.


Berkshire Hathaway was founded years ago by Warren Buffett. In 1962, he started getting involved in the stock market and started buying stock for Berkshire Hathaway. He observed the pattern of the stock market and look at the price direction of the stock at the time of closing of a mill. He observed that the company’s financial situation was declining and he was not seeing much progress in the textile business. Two years later, Stanton made a warm verbal offer to Buffet to buy his shares at the price of $11 12 per share. Both agreed to sign the deal. But when the written papers were sent to Buffet, it was written $11 38 per share in it. So, Buffet decided to buy more stock of the shares in order to have control of the company instead of selling it at lower price.

That was the case of textile business that he started. Berkshire carried out many insurance business activities as well as reinsurance business activities in which they offer insurance of property and casualty risks basically in the United States. The insurance and businesses of Berkshire also comprised of life insurance, accident insurance and health insurance as well as reinsurance. Capital strength of insurance companies in Berkshire is maintained at remarkable high levels. This strength makes a difference in Berkshire and other insurance companies.

Berkshire’s comprehensive constitutional surplus of the U.S. based insurers in the year 2004 was $48 billion. Standard & Poor’s Corporation rated all the main insurance subsidiaries of Berkshire as AAA which is considered to be the highest rating of financial strength. A.M. Best rated it A++ for its good financial condition and performance in operations. Berkshire also formed a bond insurance company for insuring bonds and state. The bonds are given by local government bodies like hospitals, roads, schools and sewer systems.


Prudential Plc is one of the top ranking insurance providers in the UK as well as offers products and services related to savings and income products for retirement. Their main power is investment that makes customers accomplish their goals of a healthy life style for long term. Not only this, they also protect their customers from variations in market for short terms. UK customers get the benefit of long –term savings solutions that help people meet their goals using prudential core strengths that results in profits and retirement and also expertise in the areas of longevity, multi-asset management and risk management.

The Prudential PLC was established in 1848 in the UK. The funds of £126 billion are under management in with-profits. £124 billion of PruFund are under management funds. The company serves about 6 million happy customers. The main goal of the company is to meet the needs of clients’ long-term goals of savings and protection. And for this they offer protection and savings products to their customers. This facilitates the customers to have a bright view of their future with complete protection so that they feel confident about their future.

The combination of well-built distribution networks and creative products, the company is efficient enough to fulfil the increasing needs of their customers in different regions of the world. Prudential Plc always try to make a long-term significance for customers as well as shareholders.

The approach to be used by the company is highly dependent on the abilities and footprints of the team that enable them to meet the long-term needs of the middle class customers regarding their savings and protection plans. The main focus is on three markets Asia, the UK and the US. These three markets are highly powerful and their needs are increasing for the insurance and savings products.


Legal & General Group plc is the full name for Legal & General but commonly known as Legal & General. It is a British multinational company for financial services. Its headquarters are in London, United Kingdom. The products offered by the company are life insurance, general insurance, investment plans and pensions. Its operations are being executed in Egypt, Germany, the Gulf, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Netherlands and India. Legal & General is also listed in the London Stock Exchange.

The company was founded in 1836 by Sergeant John Adams along with five more persons that were lawyers. The whole formation was initiated at a Chancery Lane coffee shop. Initially the society was known as the New Law Life Assurance Society. The society did not allow legal professionals to join. However, the name was changed to Legal & General Life Assurance Society to show that the policy of the society was available to general public but they have share ownership only. The company started expanding its branches in the UK as well as got hold on life assurance companies overseas.

The society soon became completely owned by Legal & General Group plc in 1970s. The company also bought the provider of Self Invested Pension products Suffolk Life in 2008. The company make the process of outsourcing live by providing IT development areas to Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The company launched the combined venture along with the collaboration of Indian public sector banks. One is Andhra Bank and the other is Bank of Baroda. As a result, India’s first Life Insurance Company was launched in 2009. The IT work was outsourced to IBM. The company soon initiated Legal & General Reinsurance for the purpose of Reinsurance Company. Different investment products and insurance services are provided by the company to meet the goals of the customers.


The Generali Group is among the top insurance provider in Europe having a premium income of €70 billion. The group has a strong position if we consider its statistics. Its statistics show that it has 80,000+ employees all over the world handling 65 million customers in over 60 countries. This made Generali the leading company in Western European markets. Not only this, the group holds a good position in Central and Eastern Europe as well as Asia.

The branch office of the Global parent company is located in UAE and is known as Assicurazioni Generali. Several insurance products and insurance services are offered by the company. Some of the services contain group covers, personal cover, employee benefit packages and many other services. The services include individual protection as well as family protection. Generali UAE provides several award winning products such as Vision & Choice especially for refugees staying in UAE and working there. The company pay emphasis on providing high-quality advice to their customers as well as rely on delivering great service. The Head Office also offers ample support to the company having 180 + years of experience.  The financial strength of the company guarantees its clients about complete protection of their assets. If we search for the best insurance company in UAE, Generali Group come on the top of the list having its expansion over 60 countries working in insurance, real estate and financial fields. The company proudly say that their services and products are sure to be protected that make the clients take a deep breath of relaxation for their future.

The strategy that Generali Group works focus on merging central pre-eminences of Generali so as to attain the top position in the world financial markets. This is the reason for leading in the profitable insurance markets and is also leading company in finance and real estate.


Aviva offers insurance, savings and investment products to over 31 million customers all over world. Aviva is the UK’s largest insurer and one of the top providers of general and life insurance in Europe.

The company joins well-built life insurance, general insurance and asset management businesses under a highly potential trademark. The company is dedicated in providing the clients the best services so as to build a great, continuous developed business that result in an optimistic development of the society. This makes people proud to work with the firm.

The company is about 300 year’s old heritage. Aviva being the largest insurance group of companies provides the best possible insurance services in the UK. Aviva is the top provider of pension products, retirement products and life insurance products all over Europe. The brand was established in July 2002 with the grand joint venture of CGU and Norwich Union 2000. CGU is itself the result of the merger of General Accident and Commercial Union in 1998.

The strategy of the company is dependent on how things matter and how they are going to work. The clear path is directed to the clients in all the markets and how the business grows. The customers are the top priority of the company and meet the needs of their goals is the prime responsibility of the company.

All the needs whether they are related to life insurance, health insurance as well as general insurance and asset management; everything is taken care by the dedicated and committed team of Aviva. The customers can have access to digital media and can experience it online via mobile or laptop or pc. The mission of the company is to focus on markets and segments and the related fields where they have the possibility to succeed. People are set free about their future as teh company take care of their future needs.


If you are looking for life, wealth and health solutions and want them to be handled by trusted company, you are at the right place. Choosing Manulife will bring much confidence in you about future vision as well as your choice. Financial health is something that everyone cares for nowadays. It is important to Manulife as much it is to you. It gives you the right advice for your finances and savings so as to meet your goal needs. The company has offered its services and products to about 20 million clients all over the world and help them live the life free of financial worries. The company is a team of 34,000 employees with 63,000 agents. The company committed to provide you the consistent and personalized guidance for your requirements so that you can meet your financial goals with an ease.

The advisors of the company are all set to assist you in saving your money by providing you different health and dental products and plans. They help you in making your investment grow, help you save your finances for retirement, helps in protecting your income and try to give you more outcomes from your budget.

The company also provides support for your community by offering services such as health and wellness programs, community development initiatives, stay focussed with the standards of conduct. The company also pay attention towards commitment to philanthropy, environmental responsibility and employee volunteerism.

The main goal of Manulife is to promote the working environment that is open and broad but joint at the same time so as the employees working there don’t feel any kind of restriction. A study of Manulife’s Financial Wellness shows that people having low levels of financial wellness are not able to concentrate on their work and if the employee is financially healthy, he is more likely to focus on his work.


The story of AIG starts in China in the year 1919 when an insurance agency was initiated in Shanghai by American Cornelius Vander Starr. The firm started operating in China and then expanded all over the globe. As the market started growing, the company find more creative ways to have a better understanding of risk management to provide the best possible services to the customers.

The company use safety measures so that the company can grow and discover more innovative methods to help individuals grow with freedom. The main stress is laid on risks and the ways to protect the clients from those risks so that they can have full freedom to make their future of their own choice. The company shows the invisible risks to its clients that the clients are unable to see and help them stop any misfortune before it is going to happen.

The organization has faced many risks and finds protective measures against them in previous hundred years. This made them capable of protecting near about 90 million clients from risks in about 100 countries all over the world and helps them empower their financial strength. The company works in a simple and transparent way that the clients could see and have trust in the company. This made the company work more rapidly and efficiently. The company keep on updated with the upcoming trends and challenges.

Curiosity and adaptability are the two features the company value and these features if applied together are highly helpful for the clients and their profit.  For the better and accurate information provided to the clients, the company works on data science and technology to give their clients safe and true information. With the improvement of data wealth, the company deliver its insight to an ample range of industries all over the world so as to achieve better results.


Aegon is one of the top life insurance providers of the world providing services such as pensions, life insurance and asset management. The company is running operations in more than 20 countries that also include the USA. Aegon was formed 170 years ago but Aegon we are talking about was established in 1983 as a result of two Dutch insurance companies of the world.

The numbers of employees that work with the company is 29,000 serving near about 30 million clients and help them make a better financial future. The company handled near about EURO 840 billion of funds including the company’s own funds and customer’s investments. The key point of Aegon is to help more and more people in attaining financial security for a lifetime. The commitments of Aegon make it more responsible for creating a positive impact on the stakeholders with the help of the strategies used in the business and investment activities. The main objective of the company is to become a partner on whom one can trust freely without any doubts and help clients find better financial solutions at any step of life.

Aegon works in Asia, Europe and the America. The main global brands include Transamerica and Aegon collectively Blue Square Re, Transamerica Ventures and Aegon Asset Management. Aegon is one of the A-level rated insurance companies in the world rated by top three credit rating organizations.

The group always keep on updating with the new innovations and technologies so as to make additional progressing in the company so as to transform the company into a much progressive organization. The company has special focus on delivering its products and services as per targets regardless of demanding macro-economic atmosphere. The company always make efforts to make sure that the products and services that it offers meet the needs of the clients.


CNP Assurances is being in the process of protecting people from the financial risks that they face in their daily lives for about 160 years from now. CNP Assurances is the top life insurance provider of France that also deals with term creditor insurance. CNP also ranked as the fifth leading insurance company in Brazil. Life insurance, personal risk insurance, pension and health insurance as well as other services are offered by the company.

Several changes occur during your whole lifetime that you experience. Some are bad and some are good. CNP Assurance provides you with personal risk insurance and different savings solutions customized as per each client’s needs and so as to protect their future and savings in a better way possible.  Influencing the skills of the team to get a feel for diverse circumstances, the company is serving to fight financial barring in their own way. The company also give hands to the ones having low income considering their needs. Policyholders are offered with creative services so that they assist in prevail over the complications by crossing the limits for financial support.

One of the reasons of improving the offers and services provided by the company is to help the clients who may suffer from problems such as job loss, aging and loss of autonomy. Individuals and families are given proper protection and CNP is at work for fulfilling their vital needs.

Personal insurance fills the gap left by necessary plans and reacts to people’s actual requirement for more inclusive protection. Because of demographic variation and growing unemployment, people are looking for solutions for enhanced protection of their future and their family from daily life risks. CNP Assurances is the best choice for clients who look for the long-term projects for their future goals and see them with confidence.


The company is known by the trade name of The Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company, Limited. It was established in September 15, 1902. The head office of the company is situated in Tokyo, Japan. The present President of the company is Seiji Inagaki. The company has a team of 56, 238 employees committed to do work at their best. The total of 35,686 billion yen assets belongs to the company. The main priority of the company always remains the customer since the establishment of the company. Taking customer at the top works for the company and it keep on moving forward to grow. The company contributes to deliver peace of mind to the local communities with the help of their life insurance and other services. The company always keep on standing by their customer’s side to protect them and their family.

Dai-Ichi Life Insurance has an objective to bring peace of mind in all the communities all over the world. Their purpose is to be the best insurance company that every individual choose. The company is functioning to attain sustainable value creation so as to respond to the prospects of the stakeholders of the Dai-Ichi Group comprising of shareholders and investors by progressing to develop DSR Management, which is the unique value-creating structure for making corporate values.

The Group companies will give people relaxing lives having peace of mind and the progress of local communities in different regions and countries they are situated, offering life insurance and other services by contributing the Group’s principles such as its mission, values and vision. The firm endeavours to make the most of the value of the Group and aim for sustainable development by contributing into the Group’s strategies with every company, moving towards collectively in the same direction. Business Quality Improvement activities are also launched in 1998 to improve the operations quality.


China Life Insurance (Group) Company comprise of the largest corporate group of Mainland China. The group is the only insurance group having the highest asset with 1 trillion RMB yuan. The group is among the largest corporate investors in the capital market of China. The insurance premium income of the company crosses 357.8 billion RMB yuan in 2011. At the end of the year 2011, the total asset attained 1.9562 trillion RMB yuan.

The head quarters of China Life Insurance are in Beijing. It is a huge state-owned insurance and financial company. The forerunner of the group, PICC was established in 1949. With its partition from the former PICC, the PICC (Life) Co., Ltd was situated in 1996. The name then changed to China Life Insurance Company in 1999. In 2003, the State Council and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission approved for the change in the name of the company to China Life Insurance (Group) Company. The business of the company includes property & casualty insurance, asset management, life insurance, pension plans, overseas operations and industrial investment. The company also made investments in different security firms, various banks and different non-financial institutions.

One major achievement that the company has is it has been listed on the Fortune Global 500 list for nine years in row. It keeps on making progress that can be seen in the ranking of the company that decreases as the years pass. In 2003 it was ranked at 290th position and in 2011 it was ranked at 113th position. In January 2007, the company moved back to China A share market after being dually listed in New York and Hong Kong in December 2003. The company got the tag of first insurance company listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange as well as triple listed in Hong Kong, New York and Shanghai.


For choosing the right insurer for your business, you have to be very positive towards your decision making ability. And choosing Zurich Insurance Group will make you feel that choosing them is your best decision. Trusting anyone regarding your finances is not easy but if you think about Zurich, you can trust on them for your claims and benefits. The company is continuously acquiring good financial ratings from years. The strong balance sheet of the company is enough to attain your trust and let you know that the company can protect your business. The services provided by the company are economical, consistent and are being in the business for years.

The Zurich International Division was launched for about 40 years ago and it initiated the blueprint for a really international service culture and mindset that are in progress today. The global team of Zurich is capable enough to provide risk insights and relationships. These are also considered company’s main strength recommended by their clients all over the world.

The company is all set to provide outstanding support to the business of different corporate clients whether they are global clients or local clients. The global footprints of the company are one of the competent footprints in the world. The business operations going on in Europe, North America, Africa and Middle East are also operating well in the industry.

Having proficiency in crafting and servicing international programs in about 200 countries across the globe, Zurich is one of the major commercial business insurers. The company is presently handling more than 7,000 programs across the globe. The company provides customized solutions to various largest companies of the world. Most of the companies are listed on the US Fortune 100, the German DAX 30 and the UK FTSE Index. The company provides solutions all almost 200 countries including life and non-life solutions.


If you are thinking to prepare investments and savings for your future life and life goals, New York Life is here to help you with the same. It offers you the insurance services and investment plans that are sure to meet your needs of today as well as tomorrow and the rest of your future. The company helps you make a nice strategy that makes you confident about your future.

New York Life takes care of you and your family’s future regarding financial issues. You don’t need to worry about anything and you will be able to focus on your work as well as other important things in your life. This is our core responsibility to make your life easy and comfortable. The company is intended to make their comprehensive financial strength. The company is being working for the better financial health of its clients since years and is always ready to help its clients at the crucial times. The company never back stepped even at the time of crisis and pay dividends in routine. It also allows its customers to make better decisions for their financial solutions that give them advantage in their whole lives.

New York Life is not only an insurance company but is more than that. It not only assists people in gaining financial protection but also want them to lead a good life. The process of assisting our clients in making smart and right decisions is going on for more than 170 years. The company is quite old and powerful in financial strength that you can trust on it by asking your grandparents or great grandparents.

Once you join New York Life, your life is totally changed and you won’t have to worry about your financial future goals. The company will manage all your insurances and investment for future to make you secured financially.


Power Financial Corporation was formed in 1984 with an interest in the top financial companies of Canada, Europe and the United States. Power Financial owns important shareholdings in important European-based multinational companies by investing in the Pargesa Group. Power Corporation of Canada controls the company.

The citizenship and responsible management are vital features in creating long-term value for shareholders and stakeholders for the company to a great extent. The Website of Power Corporation is developed for the purpose of giving comprehensive detail of CSR philosophy, investment activities and financial commitments.

Ideally corporation should take responsibility of society instead of only providing profitable investments. The corporate citizens should consider their responsibility to take such actions that gives a wide impact on the society in a good way.

The company always step ahead to invest in high-quality businesses and make efforts to move forward towards an active and dedicated owner as well as a long-term investor. Most of the investments made by the company belong to financial services companies. These companies help in promoting a positive attitude in the society and in this way the company helps its clients to attain financial security throughout their life insurance and health insurance. This also assists in promoting retirement savings programs and helps the clients to get a suite of vehicles for investment.

In addition to it, the company attempts to include investment funds that are socially accountable. The company builds a strong place in the market all over the globe just by having and building unique and trustworthy relationship with the clients whether they are individuals or corporate clients. The Power Financial Corp with its unique services and quality products differentiate it from other companies and also creates a difference in millions of individuals and families of all age groups and all levels of income. The company is committed to provide quality services at all stages of life.


Life Insurance Corporation of India is in operations for 59 years. It has been five decades that LIC of India is in the business of providing insurance to millions of people just on the basis of trust. The company’s main aim is to provide assurance to the clients to enhance the quality of lifestyle of people by the offering services and products of financial security.

The LIC of India creates a difference in the lives of people by spreading life insurance extensively in all the regions of India especially in the rural areas and socially and economically backward areas.  The company’s objective is to reach towards all the needy people in the country to provide them insurance. The company make efforts to offer sufficient financial cover to the insured people for death at quite economical rates.

The company also get along to maximize people’s savings by providing them insurance services that are attractive enough to grasp. The prime responsibility of the policyholder is to provide investments of funds. The money or funds that they hold in trust are used for the purpose of making best benefits of the investors and the community but taking into consideration the national priorities and responsibilities.

The company always does it best when it comes to the benefits of its clients. This is the reason why LIC conduct business with highest financial system keeping in mind of the funds that they completely belong to the policyholders. The company also acts as trustees at time when it is needed.

All the people working in the corporation are dedicated towards their work and provide work at the best of their abilities by giving proficient services to the clients with politeness. The company fulfil the required life insurance needs of the community leading to social and economic changes in the environment.


The Sumitomo Life Insurance Company was founded in May 1907. Its head office is located in Tokyo. The president and CEO of Sumitomo Life Insurance is Masahiro Hashimoto. The company has strength of 42,245 employees including 11,001 employees in administrative block and 31,244 employees in sales. The sales office has 77 branch offices and 1,404 district offices. The company owns total assets of ¥27.6 trillion.

The company endeavour to reinforce and develop its business besides supplying services to social and public welfare. The two main aspects on which the business works are creditworthiness and steadiness. In order to empower customer’s future goal plans, Sumitomo Life Insurance works on advanced values.

The company always input efforts to make the services of the company unique and prominent. To add value to those efforts, the employees and executives of the company make use of the four advanced values. The company’s thorough services continue to develop in customers a sense of loyalty using these values.

As the brand says about empowering your future, the company wants to express the message of the dedicated team of the company that they are committed to their customers using their vision. The company looks forward to protect and support the customers as well as their families by knowing about their concerns and financial issues they are facing and help them take right decisions by choosing the right plan for their future goals. In this way, they help the individuals move a step ahead beyond their life challenges. The company compete with itself to get better and provide financial services and quality products to their clients in the best way possible. For this to happen, the company develops and provides advanced products in the areas of nursing, medical insurance, retirement savings etc that help their customers in fulfilling their expected needs of future life.


Munich Re was founded in 1880 with the name of Munich Reinsurance Company. The company started with the efforts of Carl Thieme. A business model was established by Thieme having vital features that are used in operation in present days as well. These features are a wide spread of risks, freedom from primary insurer, working with clients in partnership, a well-organized system of treaty management and creative insurance concepts.

The main aspects on which the company works are creativity, client centred and solidity. The company sees quality instead of quantity that helps them grow on long-term basis. Munich Re provides you the services of primary insurance and reinsurance together under one company. This leads to valued clients, stuff and shareholders. Munich Re is best in all of its fields.

Munich Re accepts a potential, sensible and accountable approach to risk management. The company is being creating valued customers for about 130 years. This is being done by supposing a broad range of risks all over the globe. Munich Re persuaded that this company idea can be effectively planned into the future using sustainable act. The economic, social and ecological needs can be understood using this idea.

Taking risks is a part of life and so is our main issue in insurances. The major strength of the company is risk management. And for this, the company is all set to take any kind of risk over the globe with any kind of complexity. The company provides excellent solution-based knowledge, reliable risk management, financial solidity and closeness to client.

The basic operations of the company are mostly concentrated in the ERGO Group AG. The Group is represented all over the world in more than 30 countries and focus mainly on Asia and Europe. The Group provides complete range of services, provision and insurance.

  • TIAA

TIAA take care of everything using the guiding principles. Together in a team make things happen and this is what TIAA does. The team of committed members take care of the clients, act honestly and deliver quality services with excellence. The main motive of TIAA is to put forward the customer’s needs. This is the reason why company endeavour to assist you in a better way and help in serving the world by meeting the needs of the people for their future goals.

Every company value their customers and people and so we do. The people around you are important and sufficient enough to create a difference. The company give them complete freedom to work in an independent environment by providing them vital tools they need. They utilize those tools along with their capabilities to provide best results in the company.

Your character is recognized by your behaviour. The company make efforts to maintain its high ethical standards and for this they provide the best training to their employees so that they continue to maintain those standards. The employees always connect with the customers in a very polite tone.

The company never thinks below excellence whether it’s about the quality of services or operations handled. This made them differentiate from other companies and make them unique and best in their own way. In order to keep commitments, the team goes beyond limits and walk an extra mile to deliver result accurately and timely. They take personal responsibility of the work that is promised to be delivered.

Unity is strength is a very famous and common proverb and this is applicable on the team of TIAA. The team works together to get better results. They always ready to give helping hand to each other in succeeding and bringing value to their work.


Lincoln National Group offers guidance and solutions to the people that help them strive to take responsibility of their financial lives. The main areas of business for Lincoln National are life insurance, retirement plan services, annuities and group protection.  The company focuses on providing help, protecting and developing the lifestyle of people as well as their retirement outcomes.

With strong ranking in the industry, wide range of capabilities and a powerful financial foundation, this group is helping people take responsibility of their future for hundred years. The company is dedicated towards its corporate responsibility of providing leadership and promoting sustainable business activities. While celebrating good citizenship and having recognized, they are enhancing the quality of life.

Diversity and inclusion shows the success of the business that the company is celebrating. These business strategies let the company endeavour collaboration and insights. The innovative strategies made by the company help the partners and employees to perform better using their overall capabilities.

The insurance, wealth and retirement protection services of the Group are trusted by millions of clients. The company not only address the lifestyle, income goals and savings but also protect the long-term care charges.

Lincoln Financial Group is a well-known group of companies sheered in the namesake’s ideals. The company works collectively with financial professionals, organizations and employers to assist individuals and their families assertively prepare their financial future and guard their loved ones. The company being named after Abraham Lincoln provides excellent services for more than a century and accepts different challenges and turn them opportunities that help them grow and protect Americans and the America.

The services and products offered in Lincoln National help people to have full control of their finances have confidence in their financial decisions and are prepared financially for their future using the strategies of sound risk management.


Cathay Financial Holding was established in Taiwan at the end of 2001 having the capital registered for NTD$120 Billion. Cathay Financial Holding is a complete financial platform for the people seeking any financial service or product. The services included in the company are banking, securities, insurance and other financial institutions. Cathay provides one stop shopping ease for the customers as every product is available here using cross-selling strategy of the company. The company has various sales branches and representatives for professional sales.

The company works on the business strategy of One Stop Shopping by providing financial services in all features and incorporating every subsidiary’s resource. The company throw emphasis on developing incorporated financial products customized as per customer’s needs and get the best partner of the clients in personal investment planning.

The customers get attracted towards the accurate and on time information provided by their company. And in this era of technology everything is on the web. The company tries to improve its IT system timely with the advancements n technology. The IT system is enhanced in order to support decision making, risk management, operational management, sales information and internal audition.

The company goes beyond limits to strengthen professionalism of the employee and providing job satisfaction so that they could be able to give quality financial services to the clients. Cathay looks for synergies from incorporated management and provides customers as well as shareholders with low cost services. The strategy on which Cathay Financial Holding works is to develop superior image of their brand and known as the most trustworthy financial company chosen by every individual of Taiwan.

Cathay Life, a subsidiary of Cathay Financial Holding is the top insurance company of Taiwan. It has powerful customer base and flexible experiences in the management of sales team. It also established a satellite long-distance channel.


In today’s life financial security is quite difficult to achieve for people. Northwestern Mutual has the aspiration to assist people attain their financial security throughout their life. For this to be done, a long-term financial service is the best way. The company believe in giving individuals financial security will lead to a better community and help in its development. The company works along with its clients to enrich the lives of individuals and strengthen their businesses so that a bright future is formed.

Northwestern Mutual is being working for about 160 years by providing help to the clients to have control of their financial future. Many disasters occurred; many accidents took place, many wars fought but still the company stood by their clients so that they can help them to manage financial risk with full strength and attain financial security again.

Even today, clients trust Northwestern Mutual and goes to the way where the company takes them. The company will continue to make its trust on its clients by providing financial security throughout their lives using the investment strategy that will be balanced as well as diversified and have a long-term view of the market. The company provides the best long-term value to the clients.

The company has obtained the highest strength ratings that any life insurer could get. The ratings are provided by the top four agencies for rating. The Group can proudly say that it has helped 4.2 million clients to build a future of financial security and many are still counting on them to make them financially healthy. Northwestern Mutual not only reserves the required capital for the honor of their commitments and lives on financial crisis but also develop the surplus to attain the opportunities by investing in the people and providing funds to serve the clients in a better way.



State Farm was initiated in 1922 with the selling of G.J. Mecherle’s first auto policy. State Farm is a mutual company with its main focus on policyholders. The company is operated by a team of over 65,000 employees and about 18,000 independent contractor agents. They offer about 83 million policies all over the US.

The leadership of the team of State Farm is dedicated towards providing quality service, mutual trust, financial strength, integrity and relationaships. Every corporation value their clients and people and so the company do. The people around you are significant and adequate enough to create a difference. The company give them complete freedom to work in an independent environment by providing them vital tools they need. They make use of those tools along with their skills to present top results in the company.

The company make hard work to uphold its high ethical standards and for this they offer the best training to their employees so that they continue to maintain those standards.  Your character is recognized by your behaviour. The employees always contact the customers in a very polite tone.

The company never thinks below excellence whether it’s about the quality of services or operations handled. This made them differentiate from other companies and make them unique and best in their own way. In order to keep commitments, the team goes beyond limits and walk an extra mile to deliver result accurately and timely. They take personal responsibility of the work that is promised to be delivered.

State Farm is considered to be one of the standout companies of the world providing employment to many people. The company also works on safety measures so as to protect the neighbours and potential clients and people from the risk of life that may happen on road or at home.



Standard Life was founded in Edinburgh in the year 1825. The company has a total of 6,300 employees working in the operations for UK, North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. The company Standard Life plc was listed on the London Stock Exchange with approximately 1.2 million entity shareholders.

The company provides support to near about 4.5 million people in over 45 countries all over the world. Not only this, 25 million more customers are provided support from company’s Indian and Chinese Associates and collaborative businesses. Having an investment company that provide real value to the customers for long-term is a dream come true. But with Standard life you can have the benefit of both.

The company always input hard work to make the services of the company distinctive and important. To add value to those efforts, the employees and executives of the company make use of the four advanced values. The company’s thorough services continue to develop in customers a sense of loyalty using these values.

The advisors of the company are all set to assist you in saving your money by providing you different health and dental products and plans. They help you in making your investment grow, help you save your finances for retirement, helps in protecting your income and try to give you more outcomes from your budget.

The dedicated team works together to provide excellent services to the customers. The bond between the customer and the company is build on the basis of trust. The company lessens the unit expenses and raises the income by structuring a proficient and valuable business.

When people are attracted, retained and developed with the help of company’s support, they will tend to perform strong in the future. The investments in diversification will tend to enhance the flexibility in the business model and values and returns.